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Located at 5005 Love Road, in the heart of El Paso's Upper Valley, St. Mark's has been a part of the community for over 70 years. Built in a field in 1948, St. Mark's has seen the neighborhood grow up around it. It's easy to get to St. Mark's, right off Country Club Road, St. Mark's is minutes away from I-10. We hope you can join us.

Our Campus


Fellowship Hall

Zumwalt Hall

 St. Mark's Sanctuary provides an intimate space for Worship. Home to our 8:30 and 11 am services, the Sanctuary is also used for special concerts, like our "Sounds of St. Mark's" concert series and events such as funerals, weddings, and other formal ceremonies.

St. Mark's biggest room, the Fellowship Hall is a multi-purpose space that holds the 9:45 am service on Sunday mornings. Also used as a cafeteria during the school year, the Fellowship Hall is also used for events such as receptions.

Zumwalt Hall is the oldest room at St. Mark's, and the main meeting room. Standing since 1948, this large meeting space used to be the church's Sanctuary. Used for meetings, lunches, and intimate worship, this room is located across from the Sanctuary.

Conference Room

Choir Room

Race Parlor

The Conference Room is a formal meeting space for bible studies, committee meetings, and more. The Conference Room is located in the first hallway to the right when entering the front of the building.

The Choir Room is a multi-purpose meeting space used for bible studies, for meetings, and for other church activities. The Choir Room is located behind the Executive Offices.

Race Parlor is the comfiest meeting space at St. Mark's. Used for studies, and other events, Race Parlor is located in the church's main hallway, across from both restrooms

Walker Annex

Springstead Gym


The Walker Annex is located across Love Road from St. Mark's main campus. Housing both the Youth room and Children's Ministry rooms, the Walker Annex is a renovated space dedicated to the children of St. Mark's.

Springstead Gym is a complete gym with additional classrooms, that is located across Oleander St. Used by the school during the day, events such as Open Gym and Narcotics Anonymous meet in the gym during the week.

St. Mark's Nursery is a fun and safe place for your kids to learn and grow while you are in Worship. Clearly marked signs will show you the location of the Nursery.

In addition to our main campus lots, located directly in front of the church, St. Mark's offers parking behind the Walker Annex, and in front of Springstead Gym. St. Mark's is located in a beautiful neighborhood, and that means we have neighbors. Please respect our neighbors and park in these lots instead in, or in front, of a neighbors property.

Parking at

St. Mark's



Sunday School

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5005 Love Road

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